An Essay On The Happiest Day In My Life Written Business Plan

I would also give so much happiness to my parents and other family members.It was this day that gave me the befitting encouragement to become an achiever.

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Mummy at once gave a ring to Daddy in his office giving him the news and, lo and behold believe me the telephone bell rang, rang and rang, all full of congratulations for us.I had never seen such enthusiasm in our home, and so many good wishes and congratulations pouring in.I felt that the whole house and I were at once placed on a high pedestal, and as if we were all on top of the world.On that day, I vowed to myself that, now I would always work seriously towards my goal of a satisfactory settlement in life.I started thinking that, if I would work hard, and get success like my brother.It appeared to me as if the whole world or at least the entire society was in search of my brother.Within an hour or two, there was as if a stream of relatives and friends pouring in to wish us my parents and my brother.This I so because, for one, I never before saw so much joy and happiness in the family as I saw on that day.Besides this, the hope that now, my brother could hope to get a good job, and step into a fine career, gave me also some sort of a moral boost and an inspiration.I now became prepared to do any amount of hard work to be successful Spiritually, I was elated, and started feeling in high spirits realizing that, I could also achieve and make the family proud of me.As for my financial gain, that day, my brother gave me Rs.500/as a gift from his own pocket money.

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