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Science has engineered a form of hydrocarbon bacteria and microbes that feed off the polluted parts of the ocean, called Alcanivorax borkumensis.These microbes are available even now, but unfortunately, science has not yet reached a point where they are effective. Most people won't argue how we wouldn't be in a lot of the messes we have today if it weren't for science.At the time, the Black Plague killed around 450 million people, which historians estimate was between 30 to 60 percent of the population in Europe at the time.Nowadays, science has addressed these issues with isolating the infected and better knowledge of how diseases work, which became possible through medical science and learning about the problem.Beyond any shadow of a doubt, science will continue to advance well into the future.

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Science is fundamentally neutral - whether it is good or bad is dependent upon the people creating it and ultimately using it.Instead giving a straight answer, they are responding something like: “From the viewpoint of banal erudition, the computer is personified modification of technogenic irrationality, reflecting our existence, equidistantly remote of quasiquaternionic prototype… Other people express themselves simpler, telling “it’s both or neither” or “it’s a good evil” (alternatively, “It’s a wicked good”).Sometimes the answers “surprise” by their deep philosophical meaning: “It’s a boon to smart, it’s a bane for the weak, it’s a danger for stupid” or “the truth is somewhere in the middle…” I really liked the answer of the person considering computers from the perspective of Darwinism: “The evolution of the PC was in parallel with the evolution of the people that gave it their way of thinking and instincts, delegating it, a full-fledged member of our society, the power to play, depending on the mood and changes in the network, either demonic or angelic role in human life!Antibiotics, knowledge won through scientific discovery, is a stable chemical compound that remains within the human body for a long time. For the time being, antibiotics like penicillin has saved as many as 80,000,000 lives.One of the compelling arguments against the use of antibiotics relates to how diseases slowly grow immune to antibiotics and other treatments, and the immunity of these diseases could one day cause severe problems for humanity with a super disease that they can't treat.In the future, it could mean more problems than what it solves.One of the reasons physicians say you should never take more antibiotics than necessary is that it helps this bacteria to become immune to it.Today, in the 21st century, science's subtle hand can be found in evidence everywhere.Every aspect of our modern human existence circles back to science whether we're talking food, recreation or the classroom.The vast majority of science is done for science's sake, for the 'advancement' of humanity and therefore on the whole can be thought of as good.Yes there are bad things that come out of science - take for example nuclear weapons which are something that is pretty obviously on the bane side of this debate but these weapons in and off themselves are not particularly bad (I guess pretty much balance out - boon of employment vs bane of using some resources pointlessly worry of some nuclear waste) rather it is the use of them that is particularly bad.

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