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These notifications will alert you quickly of any suspicious transaction.Whether the transaction exceeds the specified limit or is within it, you'll get an alert which will tell you the remaining account balance.

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Many users install apps on their phones that grant unconditional access to their data and other apps installed on the phone.Your bank will never ask for your confidential information via phone or email.If you have written your banking passwords in a notepad or a dairy, make sure it remains confidential.They should always look to restrict access that apps ask for when being installed to only what the app really needs. Change your password regularly and ensure it's a strong one This might sound clichéd but, it is important to keep your account safe and helps you maintain confidentiality.And needless to say, don't share your details with anyone.Further, the lock icon before the 'https://' is an assurance for a secure connection. Do not use public computers to login to net banking If you are using a public computer, the risk of compromising your login credentials is higher.However if you have to login from such places, make sure you clear the cache and browsing history, and delete all the temporary files from the computer. Check your account regularly Most banks have a 'last logged in' or 'login history' tab on their web sites.Anti-virus helps in detecting and removing spyware that can steal your sensitive information. Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi or Use VPN software The biggest threat of an open Wi-Fi network is that the hacker can sit in between the end user and the hotspot and can trace all the data without any difficulty.Hackers see unsecured connection as an opportunity to introduce malware into your device.He will ask for your bank account details and deposit money in it and then further direct you to transfer it to accounts of other money mules on commission basis.This transferring of funds could lead you into criminal misdemeanours.

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