An Essay On Importance Of Examination

Academic competence and intelligence are not straightforward to measure and no method will fully capture the scope of a student's ability, but the fact remains that we need at least some formal system, otherwise the academic system will not work.

We need divisions between ability levels and the amount of experience and knowledge students actually possess, otherwise students will be in environments unsuited to them and won't be able to learn properly.

An exam is like a mental game in which the lecturers tell you what they want.

To play the game successfully you need to be aware of the precise wording of questions and the precise meanings of the clue words.

Because the list is long, it is a good idea to read through past exam papers to familiarise yourself with the most commonly used clue words in your discipline.

Many students dislike exams and children of all ages seem to have a diet of more and more exams that they have to take.

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In other words I need to revise and study what I have learned through the year. These two subjects require memorizing of many facts. I only have to keep in touch with them and I should pass without any problem. I shall have to cut out time-consuming activities like socialising with friends, window shopping, watching videos and listening to pop-songs.

Once you have found the clue words and worked out exactly what they mean, you can answer the question as clearly as possible.

Exam question: Compare the goals of liberal and socialist feminism Clue word: The clue word in this question is .

Education should free the mind not restrict it to guidelines that are NOT transparent (As the pandemic of misunderstood Andagogy(opposite of pedagogy) keeps teachers from spoon-feeding or spelling things out).

Intellectual exploration is impeded with constant pulls towards mastering guess work and memorising 'standard' methods of answering 'repeated types' of questions that were originally set to test a student's response to unfamiliar problems.

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