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One such example is the concept of stealing the identity of another person for the express purpose of gain, either economic or logistical (Ciechanowicz, 2010). Identity Theft Identity theft is up-and-coming as the most important crime of the 21st century.

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There are many reason why an individual might perpetrate this type of crime, including a lack of insurance on the part of the person (Agrawal & Budetti, 2012, p. Finally, child identity theft involves just what its name implies.Identity Theft is one among the cyber crimes that has been on the rise in the last several decades. IDENTITY THEFT Identity theft is a serious and new crime that the legal system is currently grappling with.It is not an easy one to deal with and its repercussions are serious.There are five major types of identity theft being practiced today: 1) Criminal identity theft, 2) Financial identity theft, 3) Identity cloning, 4) Medical identity theft, and 5) Child identity theft.This proposed research study will examine each of these areas to help the reader understand the warning signs and avoid becoming a victim of such types of identity theft.The paper will also highlight losses caused by......?Identity Theft: The Need for Protection and Security Identity Theft: The Need for Protection and Security Introduction Society has long had a certain criminal element that would seek out their own personal gain at the harm and expense of others.Problem Statement The problem is that identity theft is destroying the financial security and freedom of countless individuals world wide.As honest, hardworking people have their identities stolen, they are subject to a loss of credit, difficulty in terms of employment, and encounters problems of various sorts with law authorities.The criminal here commonly steals the social security number of a child, and then opens line of credit and commits other unlawful behavior using the stolen identity.This crime is particularly difficult to detect because children typically do not realize their identity has been stolen until well into adulthood (Dwan, 2004, p. Relevance and Significance As demonstrated to this point, identity theft is a serious issue that must be tackled.

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