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Your role is to explain the work and how certain points relate to the thesis statement. Here you need to state the thesis statement, subject matter, the purpose of your essay, and a brief description of the content.

It’s important to state the main information about the work you are going to analyze in the subsequent paragraph: author, title, and a short overview in several sentences.

At first glance the novel is quite simple in understanding, and we see only a sad story.

But in fact, the novel is full of philosophical ideas.

For social studies and history you are welcome to add proofs like examples from primary sources, interpretations from academics, and examples of previous events based on prior examples. The plan is not a necessary element of an analytical essay, but it will make the writing process easier.

For science, use others’ experimental results and your own. The phrases that you have underlined in your book, questions that you have written in the margins, and phrases that you have included in your outline are the basis of your future essay.

From a practical point of view, analytical thinking is: This kind of paper shouldn’t be compared to a simple summary of text, but a more serious and thought-out work.

For example, if your aim is to analyze the book, but you write only the description of the main characters, it doesn’t count.

Usually students are asked to discuss the style, theme, and value of the work of art.

Before proceeding directly to writing, try to organize your thoughts and pick details that will support your ideas.

Then arrange you materials: what will come first, second, third. A classical essay usually consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Also, writing an introduction at the end of the process is also a normal practice. Create an interesting title that will reflect not only the topic of the work, but also the main point of your essay.

If your paragraphs are structured as a classical essay, you are doing well. Don’t forget to consider the audience that will be reading your essay.

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