Amistad Movie Essay Question

The movie also proved to be realistic, entertaining, and believable.Amistad seemed realistic to me throughout the entire movie; one specific example would be the opening scene of the movie. At first, it didn't seem very likely that the slaves would have actually been able to do that. Considering the number of slaves versus the number of crew members, and also considering that the slaves had already come from lives of labor.We do not need to have racist history books corrected by fictional accounts—Let the truth be told and not be fabricated by either whites or blacks—Let viewers and parents beware!The “R” rating and spotlight rating were, I believe, misleading.In my opinion, the movie actually seemed somewhat biased towards the slave's point of view.It was always shown that the slaves had come from such happy lives where all was good, into a life of beatings, labor, and sickness.

His description of Christ’s life, death and resurrection is inspiring.

Granted they did come into this, but as they said in the movie, in the Mende tribe, they have something of the same thing as a slave.

If a person is indebted to another, or something happens where the consequences would require this, then that man would become a sort of servant or slave to the man he owed.

ased on a true story, “Amistad” is the saga of 53 Africans, whose failed mutiny, eventual capture and ensuing trial led to one of our nations most poignant and riveting challenges to our nations democratic principles, as stated by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence.

It begins on a stormy night off the coast of Cuba, where Cinque (Djimon Hounsou), and his fellow African slaves break free from their shackles and take over the Spanish slave ship La Amistad. The insistent dignity of abolitionist Theodore Joadson (Morgan Freeman) and the young real estate attorney, Roger Baldwin (Matthew Mc Conaughey, from “A Time To Kill”), elucidate the power of the human spirit as they take on the monumental task of seeking justice for these unfortunate souls.

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