American Women And Politics In The Media A Review Essay

Activists for gender equality in Europe have generally prioritized lobbying for institutional reforms, such as party targets and quotas, over incremental attitudinal and behavioral changes. Not all of these lessons are easily transferable to the United States.

The current uptick in women running for office, while encouraging, is unlikely to close this gender gap. The United States lags behind most established democracies with respect to women’s representation in politics.Existing research also underscores that female legislators often do have different legislative priorities than their male counterparts.For example, they are more likely to introduce bills on gender equality, reproductive health, and issues affecting children and families. politics thus weakens the quality of democracy: today’s political elites still do not reflect the diversity of the U. population but instead remain overwhelmingly white, wealthy, and male.Over the past year, record numbers of women reached out to mobilizing organizations like the political action committee (PAC) called EMILY’s List and expressed their interest in running for office.Hundreds of thousands of women joined women’s marches around the country to demonstrate for gender equality.And they are generally more likely to consider how any policy reform will impact women as a group, while women of color tend to advance political agendas that take into account the particular concerns of both women and communities of color. In the United States, civil society organizations have tried to fight this imbalance by recruiting, training, and supporting female candidates.The spike in women’s political mobilization following the 2016 presidential election has given a dramatic boost to these efforts.As of December 2017, the number of women challenging incumbents in the House of Representatives is almost four times higher than during the same period in 2015.While many Democratic women have been politically energized, men are still significantly more likely to have considered running for office or taken concrete steps to do so ahead of the 20 elections.In this context, European reform experiences provide useful comparative insights.In contrast to the United States, the debate over women’s political representation in Europe has focused less on the supply of female candidates and more on persistent structural barriers that work against women’s political participation.

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