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Education system needs to give important to nature that highly influence human mind, and give students the freedom to discover and explore new ideas.He wants man not to blindly follow anything, first understand the logic and emerge as a thinking man.We should see the world clearly without the influence and tradition or history. We should realize this oneness and broaden our understanding of the world.It is important to mention that one should not completely ignore the past rather learn about ideas and values from the actions history and develop our society.In this oration delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Cambridge on August 31, 1837, Emerson stressed the idea that all individuals are really just parts of 'One Man,' similar to how individual limbs make up a single body.He considered the scholar as just one of these social 'limbs;' however, he also recognized that 'The state of society is one in which the members have suffered amputation from the trunk…' Emerson thought the best way to reconnect all these body parts was to start understanding their crucial roles.Emerson saw nature as the first and most important influence on human thought.

American culture is highly influenced by the European culture Emerson by this speech tries to determine the real American culture and ask his citizen to preserve the essence of the real American culture.Sixty years after declaring independence, American culture was still heavily influenced by Europe, and Emerson, for possibly the first time in the country's history, provided a visionary philosophical framework for escaping "from under its iron lids" and building a new, distinctly American cultural identity.Building on the growing attention he received from the essay Nature, The American Scholar solidified Emerson's popularity and weight in America, a level of reverence he would hold throughout the rest of his life.Well, don't be so sure until you read this lesson with a synopsis and analysis of 'The American Scholar' by Ralph Waldo Emerson, the quintessential American scholar himself.Have you ever wished that you could just do things how ever you wanted without having to worry about laws, rules, or other social pressures?"The American Scholar" was a speech given by Ralph Waldo Emerson on August 31, 1837, to the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard College at the First Parish in Cambridge in Cambridge, Massachusetts.He was invited to speak in recognition of his groundbreaking work Nature, published a year earlier, in which he established a new way for America's fledgling society to regard the world.Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed.Try it risk-free Do you ever wonder if we've run out of new ideas?Accordingly, he addressed his audience on the role he understood best: that of the American scholar.Of course, the function of a scholar is intellectual in nature, so Emerson had to begin his talk with an explanation of the various fundamental influences on the human mind.

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