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The scripts also give insight into the ways in which Kaus's exilic consciousness permeates her scriptwriting.

My close analysis of Kaus's autobiography, which was published in 1979 and targeted at a German-speaking readership, uncovers the ways in which exile is reflected in the practice of autobiographical writing.

A thorough investigation of two films for which Kaus invented the story and collaborated on the screenplay, namely (directed by Robert Wise, USA, 1950), a melodrama, challenges the persistent idea that Kaus's work for Hollywood was incapable to live up to her earlier literary and theatrical successes as an author of the Weimar period.The unusually diverse corpus of Kaus's work in both the literary and filmic medium makes such an interdisciplinary approach indispensable.The dissertation argues that Kaus's specific female and little visible exile experience was shaped and accompanied by a significant, social, cultural, political, linguistic and geographical change.It examines for the first time various unpublished film script versions of the and thus promotes the film script as a textual form worthy of investigation and integration in both literary and film studies.The script analysis pays attention to the collaborative nature, considers the various versions and revisions the script underwent, offers a comparison to the movies and evaluates the script in its multi-functionality, style, and aesthetics.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.However, these are just a handful of the numerous magnificent writers that 19th century bestowed upon us.It is to these great legendary litterateurs that we have this segment here.Literature flourished and burgeoned in its full bloom during the century with the world having some of the most influential writers take to pen to churn out archetypal books that have defined various literary genres.Their body of work are today considered magnum opuses.

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