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Everyday I work, I hope, I pray that my biggest dream will come true—that someday I will be given the chance to proudly say, I am an American (legally).The Disillusionment of the American Dream The concept of the “American Dream” and Its consequent unfulfilled hollowness Is an ever present theme In American literature.In Chapter XIII, Undersell once again receives encouragement in the form of the famous American, Benjamin Franklin.

However, the actual nature of this dream prohibit the pleasure of the victory one has earned, as the desire is always demanding one to work a slight harder and gain a slightly more.

This sets a precedent for young Undersell, and allows him to have a role model on which he will base his own life and career.

Undersell, however, does not see his American Dream of being a well respected school teacher come to fruition.

I try to be as law-abiding as possible, because I want to stay “under the radar.” One thing I know—from the pilgrims aboard the Mayflower to the migrant workers working in today’s farms—America was founded on the blood and sweat of immigrants.

I believe that it is the first generation immigrants like me who make the best American citizens because while my heart breaks for my native country, I love the United States for the opportunity it has given me and my family.

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