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This project on settler responsibility argues that demilitarization will happen when settlers—any person occupying Indigenous lands they cannot ancestrally claim as their own—take responsibility for continued acts of Indigenous dispossession and participate in processes of decolonization.

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This is a subset of Proquest Digital Dissertations.Demonstrating that shared histories of US imperialism link Caribbean and Pacific Islands in many ways, I argue that Indigenous movements for demilitarization respatializes dissent in “America” beyond continental borders.Through relational experiences of US militarization, "Settler Responsibility" makes focal the interconnected discourses of island communities in their shared struggles against the desecration of Indigenous homelands.“Gut Cultures: Decolonial Bodies and Other Unruly Matters” untangles the racial logics of the gut, asking: what is the relationship between coloniality and the war we continue to wage on our bodies in the age of corporate Body-Positivity?I argue that the digestive tract is both a multi-species, multi-generational entanglement which affectively maps the afterlives of empire, competing nationalisms, and contradicting desires.In the aftermath of emancipation and as the “close of the frontier” loomed, the US grappled with fundamental challenges to the sociopolitical and territorial boundaries of the nation."Making Citizens: Racialization, Settler Colonialism, and the Logics of Social Welfare, 1865-1924" takes up the question of national belonging through a comparative analysis of Hampton Institute (Virginia) and Haskell Institute (Kansas), two late-nineteenth century industrial boarding schools for Black and Native youth.Simple bibliographic citations are available for dissertations dating from 1637.Citations and abstracts of only Princeton University dissertations.I argue that tomboys practice a politics of living alongside.My dissertation takes up the Vietnam War as a departure point to assess the material and psychic legacy of militarized environments across Southeast Asia, the Pacific, and the continental United States.

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