American Culture Essay Introduction Essay On Role Of Electronic Media In Educational Field

First of all, it would be impossible for people from different countries to create families.

Second, there could be constant regional conflict on the cultural basis.

According to Charles Stuart (1999): “Contemporary social theory has turned to focus on phenomena such as globalization, transnational nationalism, and the situation of Diaspora communities.It provides a human with the sense of identification with the certain nationality, customs, and traditions.An essay about cultural identity should focus on several elements: An essay of this type has a structure similar to other common types of academic essays. Unlike the basic types of academic assignments such as argumentative or persuasive essays, a student should use the 1st person when writing.Moreover, taking into consideration the fact that syncretism deals with almost every aspect of modern life, it is quite impossible to avoid it.At any rate, if it happens, there can be distressing results.And how might modern culture be different from what we have used to see nowadays?It is rather hard to imagine that there is no a “mutually advantageous co-existence of different cultures”.These days, there is hardly a nation that avoided the world tendency for globalization and preserved its “pure” culture.The process of globalization is closely related to the term “syncretism”.One of such countries is the United States of America.It is the best example of how different cultures, religions and traditions create a single unity.

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