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The Fulvia Coupé was a compact two-door, three-box coupé introduced in 1965.Like the saloon it was designed in-house by Piero Castagnero.Cromodora alloy wheels like those found on the 1600 HF were optional.At the October 1968 Turin Motor Show Milanese coachbuilder Zagato showed the Fulvia Sport Spider, a 2-seater roadster based on the Fulvia Sport.The Fulvia saloon was updated in August 1969 with a redesigned body on a 20 mm (0.8 in) longer wheelbase, and an updated interior.

The Fulvia Berlina was designed by Antonio Fessia, to replace the Lancia Appia with which it shared almost no components.A higher (9.0:1) compression ratio and the fitment of twin Solex carburettors raised power to 71 bhp (53 k W) soon after.The engine was bored to 6 mm to enlarge displacement to 1216 cc for the HF model.The second series Fulvia Sport was launched at the 1970 Turin Motor Show.Changes included a 5-speed gearbox, revised suspension geometry, taller ride height, an alternator in place of the previous dynamo, a taller final drive compared to coupés, and wider tyres.The Appia was a rear wheel drive car, however, while the Fulvia moved to front wheel drive like the Flavia.The general engineering design of the Fulvia was identical to that of the Flavia with the major exception of the engine, the Flavia having a four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine and the Fulvia a 'Narrow Angle' vee configuration as featured on most production Lancias from the Lambda.The Lancia Fulvia (Tipo 818) is an automobile produced by Lancia between 19.Named after Via Fulvia, the Roman road leading from Tortona to Torino, it was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1963 and manufactured in three variants: Berlina 4-door saloon, 2-door Coupé, and Sport, an alternative fastback coupé designed and built by Zagato on the Coupé floorpan.The handbrake design was also changed - using separate drums and brake-shoes operating on the rear wheels.One element that was new was the narrow-angle V4 engine.

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