Algebraic Problem Solving

After having gone through the stuff given above, we hope that the students would have understood "Solving algebraic and real world problems with inequalities".

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At this stage, students need to be able express their ideas and understanding by communicating and providing reasons for their thinking.

Students are required to be able to use words to describe patterns and apply their knowledge in problem solving situations.

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Well, it's going to be w plus w plus 2w plus 2w. The perimeter of this garden is going to be equal to w plus 2w plus w plus 2w, which is equal to what?

For further information please see Newman’s error analysis Use Newman’s prompts as a whole class to model how to start thinking about solving the problem.

So let's draw this garden here, Tina's garden.

So if this is the width, then this is also going to be the width. And they tell us that the length of the garden is twice the width.

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