Alabama Farm City Essay

While our supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants are filled with abundant food options, people forget to ask themselves where all this food comes from....

[tags: Agriculture, Organic food, Organic certification] - Agriculture is My Culture Agriculture has a story to be told, plain and simple.

[tags: Agriculture] - Most people do not think highly of the farmer and of agriculture in general.After all, there is no "visible" connection between the rural and the urban life.As long as the food is on the table or in the market, agriculture is simply not important to most people.Agriculture is also known as the study of agricultural science.The history of agriculture ages way back thousands of years ago, and its expansion has been driven and defined by prominently diverse environments, beliefs, and technologies....[tags: Agriculture, Human, Livestock, Plant] - History and Development Agriculture has been around for millenniums.It has been around since the beginning of time and has undergone significant developments since the time of the earliest cultivation.It was first thought of in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East and later spread to northern and southern China, Africa’s Sahel, New Guinea and several regions of the Americas.Agriculture practices such as irrigation, crop rotation, fertilizers, and pesticides have made great strides in the past century to meet the needs of farmers....Our mission is to provide programs, services, technology and leadership to enhance the genetics of the Angus breed, broaden its influence within the beef industry, and expand the market for superior tasting, high-quality Angus beef worldwide.Member Center Registrations Rules & Forms Genetic Conditions/Policies Breeders Reference Guide Suggested Sale Terms & Conditions Current Fees Member Lookup Member Websites State/Regional Associations Awards & Recognitions Herd Tools AAA Login EPD/Pedigree Lookup AIMS Angus Mobile AHIR Data Collection Guide DNA Testing Order Tests Order FTA Blood Cards Order Tissue (TSU) Samples DNA Collection Instructions DNA Submitting Instructions The Angus breed is home to the industry’s largest beef cattle performance database, fueling genetic progress through each generation.

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