Airtran Seat Assignment

Southwest acquired Air Tran last year, is operating it as a subsidiary and expects to get a single operating certificate from the federal government in March, giving it clearance to combine the two airlines and begin in earnest the process of converting Air Tran’s flight operations into Southwest over the next couple of years.

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Plastic boarding cards were handed out beginning 1 hour prior to departure, and boarding was in groups of 30.This post was accurate at the time of posting, offer may be unavailable on this site at a later time.For details on current offers visit the card issuer’s site.Sunday Febuary 12, 2012, Southwest Airlines changed the way Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport operates with 15 Southwest flights direct from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Southwest Airlines launched service to Austin, Baltimore/Washington, Chicago, Denver and Houston Hobby.Watch Out Delta – Atlanta Is Under Attack From Southwest Southwest Airlines will continue to shake up the power structure in Atlanta throughout 2012.In March they will start flights to Las Vegas and Phoenix directly competing with Delta and US Airways traffic.In June they will begin competing on the Los Angeles routes.Those in the first 30 could board in whatever order they lined up in.So you would get camps of homeless-looking people staking their spots. Eventually, this changed to the point where you could check in at the ticket counter and then online.I think my favorite was from someone in New York who is used to flying Air Tran but just had her first experience on Southwest.I forgot to do the 24 hour checkin yesterday, but remembered about 4 hours prior and did so from my phone figuring I’d still be OK by beating the airport checkin people.

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