Air Cargo Business Plan

The top 20 global cargo airports, as measured by cargo tonnage in 2016, have one important characteristic.They tend to be either located at major passenger hubs or they are airports that are headquarters bases for large parcel carriers. One is Anchorage, Alaska, which is on the Pacific Rim and – other than those in Hawaii – is the closest U. airport to North Asia (though it does have also have three parcels parcel carriers located there which handle Chinese trade).

Air Cargo Assessment and Strategic Air Service Development Program An analysis of the island’s air cargo service conditions was conducted to determine service and asset gaps/strengths within: existing air service, facilities (both on and off airport), rates and charges, economic activity, emerging industries, and competing airport activity.Factors such as facilities, airport costs, service costs, work force skills, competition, tariffs, trade barriers, financial incentives and/or many other must be considered.ASI can provide strategic consultancy, assessment and competency development in all aspects of the Air Cargo industry: The ASI Cargo Team: The Eastern part of the Province of Québec had no real cargo facilities and all cargo was transported to points further west.The course was delivered to major users of international services in Ottawa, Canada.Strategic Planning for Increased Participation Strategies to increase educational and certification programs as well as membership participation were developed and implemented.There were three movements up or down the top 10 ranking of cargo airports in 2016, compared to five for passenger airports and 11 in the top twenty compared to 14.Air Cargo is a critical component of today’s globalized economy, moving high value, time dependent and perishable goods around the world quickly, safely and efficiently.The course was delivered within the Aviation MBA offered at BUAA and included a section on the benefits of cargo handling for air operators.Forum for International Trade Training As a certified instructor for the Forum for International Trade Training, the mandate was to deliver a course entitled Forum for International Market Entry & Distribution covering brokerage and handling services for shippers and manufacturers.The final report included a review of existing facilities and research on potential cargo development opportunities.Cargo Terminal Development Assessment In light of the tremendous growth experienced at Cluj-Napoca International Airport, it became essential to review the needs of the manufacturers in the region like Nokia.

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