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Booklist recommends that this style manual "should be the major desk reference for anyone writing a scientific article or book.

Students should be made aware of the manual early in their educational career so that old habits can be broken and correct procedures adhered to." Provides a basic introduction to citation style for social sciences term papers, based on (not the entire source) the 6th edition of Kate Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996)."Rules for Writers offers advice on every stage of the writing process, features a wide selection of class-tested exercises throughout the book, includes abundant examples of student writing, and has complete chapters on argument and research." (Quoted from the publisher's web site) A guide for the young economist, by William Thomson, MIT Press, 2001.

This book "covers the basics of clear exposition, including such nuts-and-bolts topics as titling papers, writing abstracts, presenting research results, and holding an audience's attention." (Quoted from Books in Print)"This guide provides examples of the most common examples of government document citations.

These examples are based on the Chicago/Turabian standard bibliographic style and not reference-list form." Quoted from the web site of the University of Memphis.

Observation of counterclockwise butterfly shaped C-V behavior confirms that, hysteresis in C-V is due to spontaneous ferroelectric polarization and field effect.Meanwhile, it is also shown that designing a strong onset condition, quantified by an introduced concept - “onset strength”, for TFETs can effectively overcome this degradation at the onset stage, and thereby achieve ultra-sharp switching characteristics.The uncovered physics provides theoretical support to recent experimental results, and forward looking insight into more advanced TFET design.) Editors: (Must be written to the Signed Copyright Transfer Agreement) Will be announced.Preparing papers for TPS-35 What do you need to do?The related Citation Managers guide also provides instructions for and information about Zotero.Mendeley is a free citation management tool that works very well with PDFs and allows you to collaborate with others.The following points summarize the key issues you need to consider, or comply with when preparing your paper for AIP Conference Proceedings.The manuscript submission site will be available for submission beginning September 12, 2019."The Author's Handbook of Styles for Life Science Journals gives authors in the life sciences all the information necessary for the correct & complete compilation of a manuscript for submission to their journal of choice." (Quoted from Books in Print synopsis)The Library of Congress Digital Library provides excellent examples of how to cite different kinds of electronic formats in Turabian and MLA styles.It focuses on the types of materials found in the LC American Memory site, such as films, maps, recorded sound, photographs and drawings, special presentations, and texts.

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