Against Christianity Essay Other State War Warfare

The heroism and sacrifices of national conflicts have always been among the favorite topics of the poets and among the ideals which men worship the virtues of the battle have taken the highest rank.

We do violence to history therefore if we ignore this problem.

In 1915-1916, the CPU turned its attention to peace education in the churches and Sunday Schools, a program praised for its innovation by trustee Charles S.

Mac Farland, who pointed out that peace had not been a significant thread in church-sponsored education before.

Perhaps this was due to the fact that they overestimated the moral significance of their respective nation's positions.

Scholars of both sides for instance interpreted the war as a defense of democracy or a defense of culture.

Some apologists for war have attempted to prove that every personal quality developed in battle is indispensable to a peaceful civilization.

Perhaps the most general impression created in the hearts of American citizens by the rumors of war immediately preceding the present great conflict was a sense of incredulity.

Prominent men everywhere expressed the opinion that the world war to which the rumors pointed would be such an anachronism that some means would surely be found to avert the seemingly inevitable catastrophe.

This aspect of war has played a most seductive part in the present war.

This we must acknowledge if we but consider how the emphasis upon it on the part of the church and the ministry has made it possible for the greatest moral agency we know to sanction the undertaking.

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