African Child Soldier Essay

By 2008, it names an immediately recognizable object, both in marketing terms and in terms of literary genre.

Taylor didn’t the child soldier, of course — children have been conscripted to fight for as long as there have been wars — but his name has become synonymous with a particular kind of child-soldier army, built on drug addiction, the acquisition of conflict commodities, and adolescents with Uzis.It not only draws on its predecessors: it is imprisoned by them.In his defense, Fukunaga began working on the project over a decade ago, before the child-soldier genre was codified.Before you read the first word of Iweala’s novel or see the first frame of Fukunaga’s movie, you already know that story; before you hear the voice of its narrator, Agu (played by Abraham Attah in the film), or witness the first act of violence orchestrated by the Commandant (played by Idris Elba), you have already been placed in a genre whose terms are basically, fundamentally, and inescapably racist.To condemn a genre is not the same thing as condemning its individual manifestations.” In his recent meditation on James Baldwin, : a purely manipulative spectacle charged with the task of “raising awareness” about atrocities, in which affective engagement takes precedence over any other mode of experience.¤ We are probably done with the child-soldier novel.Midway through the first decade of the 21st century — a few years after Taylor was forced from power in 2003 — the child-soldier narrative had its moment in Anglophone literature.By the time Kourouma’s (2007) were all written and published in close succession, and together they consolidated the core of the genre as we know it today.There’s almost nothing in it that can’t be traced back to earlier child-soldier narratives (and not only Iweala’s), nothing that hasn’t already deadened into cliché.Fukunaga is a wonderful visual stylist, and there’s a virtuosic freshness to the cinematography that, as with ultimately goes nowhere.

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