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Headquartered at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) carries the responsibility of managing administrative programs and implementing policies that affect 330,000 active-duty AF members and 150,000 civilian personnel, as well as 106,000 Air National Guardsmen and 191,000 reservists.AF members can go to the AFPC with questions about PCS moves to various bases, separation as a conscientious objector, disability processing and more.The extension became a separate agency in 1971, and in 1978, changed its name to the Air Force Manpower and Personnel Center (AFMPC).In 1985, the manpower function was separated from the administrative portion, resulting in the new name: Air Force Military Personnel Center.

These include the following: - Director of Staff - Directorate of Air and Space Expeditionary Force Operations - Directorate of Assignments - Directorate of Civilian Force Integration - Directorate of Personnel Data Systems - Directorate of Personnel Services - Total Force Service Center—San Antonio Directorate If you’ve received your assignment to the AFPC, contact Housing 1 Source today to help with your PCS to Randolph AFB, Texas.We can help make your transition as stress-free as possible.FILE -- Airmen from the 4th Maintenance Group and 335th Fighter Squadron return from a deployment to an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia, Nov. "This final step in the initiative normalizes the process we began in April, simplifying the BOP application so airmen and commanders can make professional development and career decisions by aligning preferences with available requirements," said Ron Gallucci, AFPC Assignments Programs and Procedures program manager.The AFPC executes personnel operations to develop the most valuable weapon system in the Air Force: the Airmen.The Center provides direct support services to commanders, AF members, civilian personnel and their families.Officials for months have wanted a steadier pace for airmen and have tried a variety of new initiatives to help them and their families relocate or even deploy.For example, the Air Force last year started giving some fighter pilots and aircrew the ability to stay in rotations longer at select commands and bases in an effort to create stability for airmen affected by the growing pilot shortage."However, an FTA who wishes to move, permanent change of station (PCS), under this program must complete 12 months [time on station] before the departure date.Individuals approved for a Bo P are authorized a two-year assignment deferment." The personnel center will send targeted messages directly to eligible airmen assigned to continental U. locations, including cut-off dates and links to submit their applications, the release said.JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- The Air Force’s Personnel Center has revised the way it delivers notifications for Airmen selected for Military Training Instructor (8B000) and Military Training Leader (8B100) Developmental Special Duty assignments in an effort to create more commander involvement and increase transparency in the process.Set to start with the Fall 2018 cycle, AFPC will “front-load” DSD tentative assignments prior to final approval so commanders of selected Airmen can receive seven days’ advanced notification.

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