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Should an assignment not be listed, it means there is "no available requirement in that AFSC" for that quarter, the personnel center said.Airmen should update their profiles regularly, as well as their assignment preferences, based on the posted availabilities, the center said.

The selected special duties are those that create, develop and care for Airmen, so nominees must have a demonstrated record of exceptional performance and a high capacity to lead.” Find additional information on the DSD page of the Air Force’s Personnel Center public website off the assignment landing page.Headquartered at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) carries the responsibility of managing administrative programs and implementing policies that affect 330,000 active-duty AF members and 150,000 civilian personnel, as well as 106,000 Air National Guardsmen and 191,000 reservists.AF members can go to the AFPC with questions about PCS moves to various bases, separation as a conscientious objector, disability processing and more.23, 2016, at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina (U. The Air Force began the experimental program last spring to improve and streamline how airmen are assigned to their next base. The Base of Preference (BOP) program will expand to all Air Force specialty codes (AFSC) starting next month, providing airmen who have 48 months' time on station as of May 2019, "the opportunity to apply for available permanent change-of-station assignments," according to an Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) release.The service added Pharmacy (4P0X1), Personnel (3F0X1) and Tactical Air Control Party (1C4X1) in July.In the past, airmen would note their base of preference but wouldn't necessarily know whether there were vacancies or if their specialty code was in demand at a particular base.All assignments are tentative pending SPECAT approval, as Airmen must be fully qualified for their DSD positions.“Leaders at every level must mentor Airmen to ensure they receive the best professional development advice and experience needed for their career,” De Souza said.JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- The Air Force’s Personnel Center has revised the way it delivers notifications for Airmen selected for Military Training Instructor (8B000) and Military Training Leader (8B100) Developmental Special Duty assignments in an effort to create more commander involvement and increase transparency in the process.Set to start with the Fall 2018 cycle, AFPC will “front-load” DSD tentative assignments prior to final approval so commanders of selected Airmen can receive seven days’ advanced notification.

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