Affinity Electron Essay

For each electron migrating down the chain, If you think that all this sounds somewhat strange and vague, you are quite right—but don’t let that trouble you.

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” Electrical engineers often prefer to use a larger unit for charge, the ampere hour, which is equal to 3,600 C.It is generally believed that the net charge of the universe is neutral.If the ratio of positive to negative charge were off by a factor of only 10, the Coulomb force would be more powerful than gravity, which would make the universe quite different from the one we observe, Dubson told Live Science.In contrast, the respiratory chain combines chemical reactions with physical forces that are not pinned down to individual molecules, and the energy is stored and converted in novel ways.The respiratory chain involves four large protein complexes (I–IV) as well as ATP synthase (AS).Positive and negative values of charge were originally assigned by the American statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin, who started studying electricity in 1742.Until then, most people thought that electrical effects were the result of mixing of two different electrical fluids, one positive and one negative.All of these are embedded in the inner mitochondrial membrane.Coenzyme Q (Q) and cytochrome C (C) are diffusible electron carriers.However, gravity still dominates the universe on a large scale, because, unlike charge, it is possible to assemble large quantities of mass.Large accumulations of similarly charged particles are not possible due to their mutual repulsion and their affinity for unlike charges.

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