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If you'd like to read more about this stuff, most libraries and bookstores are full of books on advertising, including three of my own.

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In either case, you'd want to include a large picture of a BMW 2002 to serve as a recall cue and help gain the attention of your target customer. If you don't have the financial resources to launch a true branding campaign focused on building relationships and reputation among potential customers, you're going to have to settle for traffic-building ads until you can afford to begin developing your brand. If you need an ad to produce immediate results, your offer must have a time limit.

Advertising is part of most small businesses’ annual budget, but do businesses truly see it as a worthy investment?

The Manifest surveyed 529 small business owners and managers from across the U. about their advertising spending, if they plan on increasing this spending, and what mediums they plan to spend more on in 2019.

Your first task is not media selection; it's message selection. Fearful of leaving someone out, these writers write vague, all-encompassing ads that speak specifically to no one. " In the body of the ad, he talks about the fabulous new Weber two-barrel carburetor now available for BMW 2002s, raves about how it dramatically increases performance and reliability, explains that he keeps these new Weber carburetors in stock at his shop, then names the price at which he will install and adjust that carburetor for you.

He closes the ad by saying, "You'll rocket out of here in a completely different BMW than the one you drove in." If a list of BMW owners in your area is available for a direct-mail card (such as the list from the local BMW club), then a direct-mail card or flier would be the way to go.

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