Advertisement Analysis Assignment

Get them to identify the element that pushes this argument.After they have successfully determined the element, ask them to determine why.If, for instance, they think the ad uses bright colors to make consumers think the product is youthful, get them to say why. Will it make the viewer think the product is fun and youthful? Get them to push their justification as far as they can — so they can see just how deep analysis can and should go.Getting students to dig into the reasons why their evidence proves their arguments helps them see the level of analysis they need to fully develop a point.What really matters is teaching the skill to students outside of an assignment so that they understand it.Learning the skill in a separate setting helps them see how to apply it, then truly master it.

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The advertisements are on TV, radio, and in magazines.For example, your students could analyze the intent of an advertisement.If students believe the ad argues it will make someone appear more youthful, get them to state that.Teachers should explain to students that pointing out their reasons for reaching a conclusion may feel obvious, but it is this step that shows how all the evidence relates — and it varies by person because each of us interprets facts differently.After students understand what true analysis looks like and they have completed their written assignments, have them bring drafts into class to review with peers.The D&G ad is an example of how the media are influencing our consumer culture into thinking that this is the way men should act towards women.In this ad there is a very beautiful, young woman laying in distress, under a very attractive male, who is holding her down by her wrists.It is very effective because it shows that the high class The ad gives the viewer a sense that men are encouraged to take what they want at their own convenience.This ad objectifies women in a way that makes them seem pathetic and vulnerable.Around them are three other half-naked men who are also very good-looking.The others gathered around them are just starring blankly at the woman being held down in distress.

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