Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living Alone Essay

Furthermore, single people are likely to attend more public social affairs, thus allowing cities and urban areas to reinvigorate as they spend more money on holiday-making, doing outdoor activities or surfing other services compared to their couple counterparts.

Finally, if more people became independent, the more they live greener by living in apartments or near to towns instead of living in suburb houses and commuting to work from far away stretched distances.

This is the main reason why single occupant tends to be seen as a successful peer of the society.

Because living a life on their own allows them to invest a precious time in the development growth and shaping out their personality.

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Living alone creates loneliness and depression, unlike the traditional family where there are always others to share someone’s distress and sadness.On the other hand, I believe that people, leading a life as single dwellers are the luckiest one.A sense of freedom with an acute privacy is something considered as the most desirable element of a happy life.Lone occupants are more likely to experience depression, anxiety and uncertainty with bearing all household responsibilities on top of pursuing a work life than family-oriented people.As a result, single people tend to lead a hectic as well as burdensome life with having a feeling of being resented and anguished and therefore resulting an unhealthy lifestyle.The human is a social being and living alone is against their natural tendency.For many, bearing the total expenses is tough and this leads them to get involved in crimes.The single-person family is seen to be positive from better personal skill development and economic perspective.A single-member family forces a person to learn some basic skills including cooking, cleaning the house, paying the utility bills, managing personal finance, purchasing daily commodities, adopting hobbies and many more important skills.Although living solo come along with several drawbacks, I would consider this more of a positive development.For several reasons, living alone may have some drawbacks.

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