Advantages And Disadvantages Of Delegated Legislation Essays

(15) b) To what extent is it true to say that delegated is an essential source of law in the English legal system.

(15) There is a clear division achieved here between the demonstration of knowledge and understanding by recall, explanation and selection of examples (part a); and an analysis of the topic, resulting in an evaluation prompted by the specific question asked (part b). The following areas of response are suggested: a) In explaining what is meant by delegated legislation, the process by which law-making power is delegated by an Enabling Act (primary legislation) to a person or body Parliament has to be outlined.

Sample Question a) Describe the process of 'statute creation' in Parliament.

Before consulting the suggested areas of response, please ask yourself: how would I have tackled this question?

A good starting point would be to state that a statute begins its life as a Bill and that the process it follows depends on whether the Bill is a Public Bill or a Private Bill.

You should state that your answer will concentrate on describing the process for Public Bills, as they are the more important type.

In other forms of government, such as democracy for example, the three branches of government are equal in power.

When a parliament makes a law, called an act, it is binding on the other two branches of government.

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