Adhd Homework Help

This scenario underscores a fact few ADHD parents will deny: if homework is hard on ADHD kids--by nature, absent-minded and disorganized--it's pointblank misery for their parents.

It's a fact tempting you toward the chatter in education circles today, chatter about no-homework policies curing student and parent woes.

You also want to keep an eye open for difficulties in relationships with friends, emotional functioning, driving, and risky behaviors. Without support, teenagers with ADHD tend to have lower grade point averages and scores on standardized achievement tests, and higher rates of school failure and suspension for problem behavior.

Above all, teenagers with ADHD need parents to stay in the picture and know what they need to do and when they’re doing it, rather than assuming they are handling the work independently.

About half of adolescents with ADHD have serious problems with peer relationships.

The teenage years tend to be an emotional rollercoaster for all kids, but those with ADHD are prone to poor emotion-regulation, which may result in greater highs and lows.

Their emotional impulsivity can make it especially difficult for them to cope with frustration. How you can help: One thing you can do is to help your teen practice cool down strategies and develop coping tools.

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