Adhd Essay

Most experts also reject the idea that poor parenting or a dysfunctional home environment causes ADHD.

Most scientists regard ADHD as a biological disorder caused by abnormalities in the brain.

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is one of the most common mental disorders of childhood, affecting 3 to 5 percent of school-age children.

The disorder occurs at least four times more often in boys than in girls.

Experts called ADHD “minimal brain damage” and “minimal brain dysfunction” when this theory was popular in the early 1970s.

They may get bored with homework or other tasks after a few minutes, make careless mistakes, have trouble listening, and seem to daydream.

However, children with ADHD sometimes can concentrate on and complete new or unusually interesting tasks.

Adhd Essay, Research Paper ADHD I INTRODUCTION Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Hyperactivity (ADHD), disorder beginning in childhood, characterized by a persistent inability to sit still, focus attention on specific tasks, and control impulses.

Children with ADHD show these behaviors more frequently and severely than other children of the same age.

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