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It takes very little effort to get into the top 10%.b) Read people who write better than you do.

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If you want to be motivated by awards (and there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't be), at least aim for those that recognize lifetime achievement.If you're solving computer vision problems as a computer scientist and amateur archeologist, you going to have much different insights from someone who can only draw their metaphors from Comp Sci.Finally, one answer mentioned "Everything else: friends, family, food, fun, etc....if they do not directly contribute towards your goal, abandon them." I know of no better way to be both ineffective and miserable.Science at this point in history is a collaborative effort, and smart people like to collaborate with friendly, well-grounded people.Be aggressively lazy.d) By your second or third year, figure out where you might want to work. And with that, I'll wish you the best of success.If you want to get into industry or government research, figure out what you need to do to get an internship (it helps if you're working on problems they care about). Other random bits of advice: a) Take a theater class or join toastmasters or whatever you need to do to learn the mechanics of giving an effective talk.Computer scientists are famous for giving lousy talks.If you want to teach, figure out where and start looking at the CVs of their recent hires. ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society and present one award annually in recognition of superior research and writing by doctoral candidates in computer science and engineering.

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