Achieve In Lifetime Essays

How my current and future academic and extra-curricular activities will help me achieve my goals in making the world a better place My dream in life is to make a significant change in this world and make it a safe place to live in.

However, the main motivators for me to choose computer engineering over mechanical engineering were the following: first and foremost, computer engineering is such a relevant course at this point in time.Speech and Debate have honed my interpersonal skills and boosted my confidence while explaining ideas and internship at Apache has prepared me for the real world of computer engineering (Garner, 2003). Here lies the objective of attaining higher study in this field.The limited study of the major in this discipline will not give that wide platform or space on which the subject can be viewed and perceived from a wider vision contextualising and relating it to the society, nation and world.Why I choose Computer Engineering I have always been fascinated by computers from an early age.My father would time and again remind me of how I used to get excited every time he would come home and start working using his desktop.Currently I am working part time as an intern in the Apache Company and hope to join the company after completion of my studies.This is because Apache offers numerous and in-depth opportunities for training as well as growth so as to make sure that its employees remain abreast with the up to date innovations in the world of computer engineering.This makes the work interesting and leaves one yearning and curious for his/her next venture.Thirdly, computer engineering is one of the most lucrative fields in the world.I would be all over him asking what is this, whats that button for, until finally, he decided to buy me a mini-computer for kids.That changed me as far as his story goes and I never looked back as far as computers were concerned.

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