A4 Research Paper

RPDC (Research Publications Data Collection) was formerly known as HERDC (Higher Education Research Data Collection).

An annual report, it is the University's main source of information on research activity.

Prior to 2016, HERDC submission to the Commonwealth Government included both research income and research publications, and determined our Research Block Grant funding amounts.

Changes to the way research funding is allocated to universities has meant that from 2016 publications are no longer being included in the government submission.

Its value is attested to by the following indicators: selection of the painting for inclusion in the international exhibition Documenta, Kassel, Germany; its inclusion as a case study in the renowned Courtauld Institute, University of London, Issues in Contemporary Art graduate seminar series; its being the subject of a chapter in the book Identity Reframed published by Thames and Hudson and authored by the renowned art historian Z; its forming part of a competitively funded ARC project For the purpose of reporting eligibility, authored books and book chapters must be published by a commercial publisher.

As of 2016, HERDC publications reports are no longer being submitted to the government.

USC is still collecting publications as per the specifications below for the internal Research Publications Data Collection (RPDC) as well as preparation for ERA reporting.

Peer review is required for journal articles and conference publications.

It is also required for books and book chapters that are not published by a commercial publisher.

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