A3 Problem Solving Examples

This causes delays in patient treatment, idle time for diagnostic department staff members, and backups in the diagnostic areas resulting in long patient wait times.For the A3 report, the current condition needs to be an image illustrating how the current process works. : Comparable to the current condition, the target condition diagram should illustrate how the proposed process will work with the countermeasures in place, with appropriate labels.The steps of A3 Problem Solving follow the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.Steps 1 through 5 are the “Plan” part of PDCA, Step 6 is the “Do,” and Step 7 includes the “Check” and “Act” portions of PDCA.It's important to label the diagram so that anyone knowledgeable about the process will be able to understand it. Put them in storm bursts so they are set apart from the diagram. It's also important to note or list the specific countermeasures that will address the root cause(s).Hand-drawn diagrams (in pencil) are often the most effective because they can be done quickly and changed easily on-the-spot. A good rule-of-thumb is that you haven't reached the root cause until you've asked "why? Finally, the problem-solver (or team) should predict the expected specifically and quantitatively, and note it.it's also important to indicate how this problem relates to the company's goals or values.

The theme of your A3 report should be a concise statement of what the A3 report is about.But it all starts with the A3 Problem Solving process.The A3 Problem Solving form is not like a work order.It may also be helpful to list the expected outcome of each task, as shown below.In the left-hand side, record the plan to measure the effectiveness of the proposed change: what will be measured, when, and who will do the measuring.It is not a form that someone fills out in order to get something done. It is not something one person can complete in an hour or two.The A3 Problem Solving form requires collaboration among a number of people, usually across organizational lines.Writing A3 reports is important but not nearly as important as the activities executed in the creation of the report and the conversations that the reports help generate.In fact, in Toyota's internal training program, students cannot take a course in A3 report writing until they have completed the PDCA management course and a course on practical problem solving.Leave the right-hand side blank for recording the actual results.Then, after implementation, complete the follow-up plan and record the results of implementation and dates of the actual follow-up. Sobek II, Ph D Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Montana State University P.

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