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When the older daughters, Ginny and Rose, with their husbands, begin developing the farm their way, Larry objects and attempts to coerce them emotionally and then to sue them to regain the farm.While there are many calculated parallels to Shakespeare’s story, their traditional meanings are subverted when Ginny, the narrator, learns that Larry forced incest on her sister.They are painted into a corner as weak and incapable, despite the fact that they are some of the strongest characters in the book.Eventually, both characters cast off their respective stereotypical female roles.He contends that one of the novel’s strengths is its selection of Ginny, who is reluctantly drawn into the events and made to acknowledge stark realities, as...

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The multi-generational abuse of women contributes to the societal acceptance of violence against women and gender roles in Zebulon county.Written by Kate H and other people who wish to remain anonymous , Rose and Ginny are confronted with discrimination.They are forced to remain inside to cook and clean rather than help the men outside with farming.Instead, it bankrupted the family and caused the family to sell all of their land.The price paid for material success also shows in the breaking of family ties when greed becomes a factor.Rose becomes a land lord, and Ginny runs away from her husband and becomes an independent waitress who attends nightschool in order to get a college degree.In addition to the discrimination of females, a major element of the text focuses on violence against women. He bruises her often, and once he even breaks her arm.The main characters of the book are mostly driven by the wealth of their land.The emphasis put on the amount of land owned and the amount of wealth any given family has adds to the importance of wealth.Later, he decides they are mismanaging the farm and decides to sue the two for misuse of property.The two daughters, however, view Larry as taking advantage of his situation.

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