A Thesis On Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility for me means, being accountable for ones actions the good, bad, and the ugly, and accepting the rewards and or consequences. Malek Fast food is one of the most controversial topics; most people tend to blame fast food industries because of their obesity or a disease they got, and never hold responsibility for their own action.

In this article “Fast Food and Personal Responsibility” (2003) which was written by Ninos P.

Personal responsibility to me is taking ownership of the things that will affect us in anyway, whether it is in the long run or short term.... It is still important to not allow anything, that is not beneficial to you becoming a success, get in your way.

Many people work better under pressure, for example, there are times at work, where I've had to meet a deadline unexpectedly sooner than I anticipated.

Malek, Malek tries to argue and show people that it’s not entirely the fast food industries’ fault that people are obese or sick . Some examples people would probably come up with would be these: working, chores, taking care of your family and some might even say going to school and getting a better education.

He argues using 3 different supporting examples; first he says that, “High school students blaming their poor diets on school cafeteria” (Malek, 2003, p.309).... The definition of personal responsibility is: the obligation to carry forward an assigned task to a successful conclusion.

A responsible individual looks to no one but self and no matter what the outcome; they are willing to stand by their decisions....The constantly changing environment, the pressure to perform, and the rigorous daily activities are enough to keep the college student, and the aspiring president, on their toes.However, in Tension City, by Jim Lehrer, emphasizes the positive aspects of a presidential debate, that coincide with those taught through the Longwood Seminar; these qualities include personal responsibility, critical thinking, and citizen leadership.... 25) Being honest goes so far as to admitting things to yourself when you do something that is wrong.[tags: Learning, Management, Golf, Responsibility] - Many people argue that the health of an individual is either a personal responsibility or a social responsibility.More than 60% of adults are not physically active on a regular basis and 25% lead sedentary lives (MINKLER).First, l don’t believe anyone was born to fail but you do control your own success.I think everyone wants to improve their self, starting as early as childhood....Because I did not want to let my boss down, I would get into this zone, where I would not see or hear anyone, and prepare to execute my excitement because under pressure and much stress, I completed my task.The negative stress in your life could be hard to eliminate if you do not find a positive replacement....People think that if you make a mistake that means failure, but in my eyes it’s only failure if you want it to be.By learning from mistakes, you can create success, so how can that be a failure.

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