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Primarily to this fact, Faulkner does not show the room where Emilys lover is now in the long sleep that out lasts love[Faulkner, Section IV].Such a position makes the narrator start his story from the point of Miss Emilys death as a culmination of the whole story and the culmination of the event that the reader is about to get acquainted with.Faulkner leaves hints of his twisted ending throughout the story.

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The rumors around town were that Homer was not the marrying type; some cackle-eyed old ladies mused that he liked men.

At the age of thirty she had little chance to be picky however, since her father had very successfully chased away any possible suitors long ago.

Just as the town gossips had decided that Miss Emily and Homer really were to be...

Conclusion: Seeing all the sides of Emilys life with the eyes of strangers helps the narrator to intensify what was going on in reality, showing how little people know and understand each other.

The story is not given to the reader in the correct chronological order, nevertheless owing to this specific structure the narrators attitude to the value of the past is revealed.

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