A Personal Essay Is Apex

During a week when several celebrities, including Lizzo and Ariana Grande, are attacking critics for honest album reviews, it's especially important to remember that no one's art—whether music or fashion—should be put on a pedestal and immune from criticism.Fashion, like music, painting, and film, is a form of art.

Making a joke about a woman's outfit is not an attack on her character, ideas, or her work.

But the essay that was meant to take a powerful stand quickly turned into a problematic take.

that ended up going straight to on-demand." Munn condemns Cocks and Morgan for “snarkiness” and “hypocrisy,” claiming their work is “playing a part in the suppression of women.” It should be noted that being snarky and actively suppressing women are two very different things.

Using the words "plus-size" to describe a woman's body is no longer acceptable, and attacking women based on their looks is not a valid form of criticism, whether you're talking about a politician, a celebrity, or a model.

But the concept of railing against criticism of one's fashion choices is, however, arguably quite Trumpian.

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