A Descriptive Essay About Your School

Not that I do not enjoy studying but engaging my brain continuously for 4 hours become difficult.All in all school life is about hard work, discipline, interaction, and fun.One of those moments you do not want to remember is when you forget to do your homework; you pretend as if you are looking for something in your bag hoping that the teacher will not see you.

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After one period is over, you need to prepare for the next subject and the third until the last one from Monday to Friday.Some teachers make school very exciting for example; the English teachers’ British accent makes us laugh throughout the day.Assembly days are the worst times in school, but the fun part is when the science teacher makes an effort to talk good English, but ends up being so funny that even other teachers cannot control their laughter.The fun part of school tends to be more enjoyable, especially after working hard the whole day and feel that you have gained more knowledge.Being a student is the most fulfilling period in life because we are dream allot, there is spontaneity except for studying, which is a routine, a and a requirement.I love weekends more than weekdays because I have enough time to engage in fun activities like going out with my friends or attend any social event.School is not that dull all the time; we have a variety of games, library periods and recess time, which give us a deserved break because we can relax, have fun with our friends.During recess, we engage in different activities to energize our spirit.In the afternoon, the lessons continue for four periods before the lessons end at 4.30pm. My father was a student there in his childhood and youth. However, the kind behavior of the Headmaster and the class teacher soothed my feelings.

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