A Descriptive Essay About My Grandfather

But to put a characterization on Candide for purposes of describing a true and authentic hero would require setting Candide up to the standards of what a true and authentic hero is.

My concept of a hero is one who is morally upright, is resolute and steadfast in his convictions, stands up for others who are aggrieved or for whom he is......My ideal hero Harry Potter: A Child Hero Who Reflects the Common through the Uncommon When Harry Potter was introduced to the world, he began as the boy who lived under the stairs, his bedroom a cupboard.

I will never forget one incidence since it really touched me.

It revealed to me something I had never known about my grandfather.

It did provide another venue in which to gather with friends.She is my.....biggest and most pleasant surprise for me by my grandfather.Due to my exams, I could not remember that it was my birthday but grandpa did and he had planned to give me this perfect surprise.Being a great physician, he would always inspire me by the way he dedicated himself to ensuring that he gave his best to his patients.Sometime he would wake up in the middle of the night to go attend to patients even he was not on duty, particularly when he learnt that there was an emergency case.My grandfather might never have caned me but his advice challenged me even at a very tender age.He would always be straightforward with me and warned me that he was not going to watch me turn into a wicked child.I would often go to see him in the hospital when I was young since he worked a few metres from our house.While I was visiting him on one of the occasions there happened to be a patient who needed a liver transplant but had not found a donor even after making requisitions from several organizations that deal with an organ transplant.He was a very loving man, not only towards me but also towards my grandmother.My grandfather had a great heart, to be sincere, I have not known anyone with such a heart.

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