95 Thesis In Todays Society

The key question for him was, “” — “How do I find a merciful God?” His search for consolation and hope drove him into the arms of Scripture.We live in a world of multimedia where we connect via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and You Tube.Our daily lives are run by apps on tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and exercise devices.In the medical field, we benefit from retinal implants, artificial pancreases, bionic limbs and lenses.Technological advances bring us camera pills, tooth chips, brain implants, artificial memory and artificial intelligence — the boundaries between human and machine blurring with every passing day.

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This of course, only worked, because Luther succeeded in giving God’s Word to the German people in a language they could understand.

“Oh, God, what a hard and difficult task it is to force these writers, quite against their wills, to speak German.

They have no desire to give up their native Hebrew in order to imitate our barbaric German.

His translation of the Bible into German was arguably the single most important event that shaped the German language.

Luther’s genius was his remarkable ability to bring the sense of the text into authentic German!

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