7th Grade Math Problem Solving

I am excited about my plan for this year and I hope I am up to the challenge!

I will keep combing the Math Twitter Blogosphere for resources.

As 7th grade math is an extension of the topics they learned in 6th grade, I also want to be sure I am challenging them, and that they are growing.

I changed homework workbooks again this year (third time in four years). Sometimes, we hit gold and I find something they really love.

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide with positive and negative rational numbers in any form – including whole numbers, fractions, or decimals. Use these skills to solve multi-step real-world problems.

Use understanding of ratio and proportion to understand scale: the ratio of the length in a drawing (or model) of an object to the length of the actual object.

B.4.a Solve word problems leading to equations of the form px q = r and p(x q) = r, where p, q, and r are specific rational numbers. Compare an algebraic solution to an arithmetic solution, identifying the sequence of the operations used in each approach.

In 7th grade, students focus on using their understanding of ratios and rates to solve real-world problems involving proportional relationships, solving problems involving positive and negative rational numbers, and working with mathematical expressions and linear equations.

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This year, I want to add problem based learning to the mix. This year, it is going to be a focus, especially for 7th grade. I teach them two years in a row, so I’m not new to them anymore.

The even better news is that investing in 7th grade math tutoring will help your son or daughter achieve exactly what he or she needs to get ahead — whether your goal is to boost B’s to A’s or to turn math struggles into math achievements.

If you want to place a towel bar 9 3/4 inches long in the center of a door that is 27 1/2 inches wide, you will need to place the bar about 9 inches from each edge; this estimate can be used as a check on the exact computation.

They loved playing with the pythagorean theorem and even the quadratic formula.

They gave up an additional recess to help me record the Draw-It game. This class loves a challenge and I believe they are ripe for problem solving.

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