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With over four years of tutoring experience, I am confident in my abilities to help turn a potentially anxiety producing event into an exciting opportunity to shine for your child. Regards, Katherine Taylor-Arnold I'm a certified Texas Educator with K-12 teaching experience.

Currently, I consult with school districts across Texas seeking to develop credit-recovery programs, virtual schools, and distance learning programs.

I primarily tutor subjects relating to the Humanities, such as Ancient Languages, History, and English Composition.

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I like to learn about what they like and dislike in their classroom setting. I have tutored a variety of students, ranging from the elementary to the college level, for the past four years.I believe that all subjects that I teach can be exciting and fun, and it is the job of the teacher to approach the subject in the right way for the student to appreciate the subject.This is not to say, however, that I don't have expectations.I am very personable and I have worked with various types of students in terms of learning ability, personality, and age. I am a recent graduate from Princeton University interested in using my diverse skills set to tutor middle and high school students.I have studied in both public and private institutions in New York state and I am familiar with Regents, AP, SAT and IB exams.I'm passionate about helping students set and meet their personal and academic goals under any and all circumstances. I have tutored groups and individuals in research and writing, History and Philosophy and have authored two books in education.I show students how to maximize their learning by explaining development of knowledge in individuals' brains; hence students take ownership of the process of learning and perform above their expectation.I love teaching, and I am adept at understanding where a student's strengths and weaknesses lie.I am patient with students who have a hard time concentrating.My role is to motivate, give students direction, simplify and summarize content.I make time for family, adventure and travel, writing and jogging...

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