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Therefore, it is understood that the writing of the educated carries the most prestige within that community.

As a result, this thus leads to Standard English being widely recognised as acceptable wherever English may be spoken and understood (Merriam Webster 2015)....

[tags: English language, French language, Dialect] - Just like any other language, English is changing – it borrows or creates new words and changes the meaning, spelling or pronunciation of old ones.

These mostly occur in order to satisfy our society 's ever-changing needs, but some people label them as abnormal, impure or even damaging factors to the language while conveniently disregarding the fact that English as we know it is the result of centuries of cumulative variations and that picking a modern standard of perfect English is nothing short of arbitrariness that arose from their desire to keep rigid linguistic standards....

As far as the dialect is concerned, this term refers to ‘varieties distinguished from each other by differences of grammar and vocabulary’ ....

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Generations will eventually fade out, and there will be no Navajo and Cherokee people if English becomes a standard language.[tags: English language, Linguistics, Dialect, Language] - We’ve all heard the saying “never judge a book by its cover”, but let us be genuine for a second no matter how hard we try we still make judgments about every person we have met.The way they look, dress, hairstyle, and even the way they talk or write.The problem is that many teachers advocate the use of Standard English in the classroom and do not permit students to speak in their own voice, which leads the students to totally silencing their ethnic voices.According to Horner and company by privileging Standard English as the main dialect, all other dialects are devalued, but this is also difficult to avoid because Standard English dominates society, in both textbooks and media (Horner, et al 305) During th...The words you choose say something about you; are you intelligent or uneducated.The proposal at De Anza College to let students use improper English in their writing assignments is something that should not be passed....We need to keep their history alive, so the spread of new cultures swarms.English becoming the official language would hinder assimilation for immigrants.For the past three months I have been working in an adult transition classroom with five students.Four out of our five students are non-verbal and have severe behaviors.

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