3d Tomosynthesis Essays On Economy Of Pakistan

After your procedure, a technologist converts the X-ray images into a three-dimensional image of your breast.Once the image is complete, a radiologist will analyze and interpret the image and send a detailed report to your Primary Care provider and/or OB/GYN.You should receive results within two business days.Most insurance carriers consider 3D mammography a covered service.

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Every effort will be made by the Mammographer to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the examination.

Screening refers to tests that are given to people who have no symptoms, to find out if they might have a disease.

Mammograms are the best way to screen women for breast cancer.

This is usually done at the discretion of the Radiologist, and is often done when breasts are especially dense.

Like a mammogram, 3D breast tomosynthesis can detect tumours which are too small to be felt.

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