11 Plus Essay

(d) NOTE is to MUSIC as (SENSE, LENGTH, WORD) is to SENTENCE. Tell this story as vividly as you can, adding the excitement and fear of the parents, and finish the story in any way you like. Write a composition on one of the following subjects: (a) Imagine yourself on a long journey in an aeroplane. (b) INK is to PEN as (HAIR, HANDLE, PAINT) is to BRUSH (c) MAN is to CROWD as DROP is to (FALL, FLOCK, WATER). Some children are playing at the seaside in an old boat – the tide rises – the boat floats out to sea – a thick fog comes down… If I can walk at the rate of 4 miles an hour on the level, 5 miles an hour downhill and 3 miles an hour uphill, how long shall I take to go from A to B?

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(e) My brother always comes to school at the right time.

It has been underlined because it is different from the others.

English 11 Plus exams and independent school admission exams come in a variety of forms.

Questions in this section vary and may take different forms, such as identification of spelling and punctuation errors in a sample text or filling in the gaps in sample words.

Practice in this section involves the key elements of essay writing tasks at 11 Plus exams – planning, structure and comprehensive writing.

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